Our Founder

I started Little Bitesize because I am passionate about raising my child in the best possible way. When I first became pregnant, I spent months researching nutrition. I discovered when it comes to a baby's health, what's put in their body during the first years of their life is critical to their development. And yet, despite this overwhelming research I had come across, the grocery store had no freshly made alternative. In 100 years, baby food is still shelf-stable, highly processed, high in sugar and low in nutrition. So that's why I created Little Bitesize, a comprehensive nutrition solution to give you the peace of mind you're feeding not just the best food, but the right food. Whether you use us for all of your meals or none, I hope the content and products inspire and empower you – and somehow make life a little bit easier. - Heidi, Founder


Meet our Dietitian

Meet our dietitian, Jessica. Jess is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and she believes the best nutrition comes from whole, unprocessed, uncomplicated foods. As a new mum, she found everything she needed when trying Little Bitesize, and the unprocessed nutrition and wholesome start it gave her bub kept her with us! Paediatric nutrition is the key to a healthy relationship with food for a lifetime, so the importance placed on those first few months and years cannot be understated. The ability to learn that food can be played with, smelt, tasted, painted on your arms… it’s not neat and tidy, but it’s so important to becoming a healthy, happy eater for life. 

 Jess has a curiosity for food and the way it reacts in your body, as well how recipes and flavours interact with each other. When she started feeding her baby solids, and seeing the options on supermarket shelves, it was so disheartening. Where were the fresh, unprocessed, whole foods?! Little Bitesize was the perfect solution- it isn’t processed or preserved with anything (except being flash frozen) and he could really start to taste flavours and experience textures, just as we love to do. 
 Jess is always behind the scenes checking off the recipes we create, balancing the scales for your bub’s nutrient requirements.. So you can get on with the fun and messy business of feeding, minus the cooking! 


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